Welcome and thank you for visiting my site!

I create this site thinking of all the things that I want to share and that I hope can be useful for someone and to stay in the network forever, it took me a while to start this project, but now here it is, starting, I hope you like my creativities here exposed.

I will upload only photos and videos made by me, and everything you read here will be a product of my imagination and based on my experiences. Do not forget to share what you like and with all confidence you can leave me a comment or suggestion, any constructive contribution will be well received!

Laziness and Yoga

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I'm not lazy to do yoga. My body is very lazy yes, my mind ...
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Artisanal mint toothpaste

Some time ago I began to look for an alternative to buying toothpaste, those that are economical have lots of ...
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Opening the heart

Last November I turn 31, I woke up wanting to stand on my head, so I did, Yoga has been ...
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