Sam Yogini

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I’m not lazy to do yoga. My body is very lazy yes, my mind too, but it is not the mind or the body that makes the decision, you have to listen to the desires of the soul. 

Once I arrive in my Mat, I close my eyes and take my attention to the breath, I observe the mind and the body, which little by little, are attuned to the rhythm of my breath; then it is easy to start, however, it is necessary to remain alert throughout the practice, that the desire that is manifested is that of the soul.

To stop identifying with the body and mind is one of the greatest teachings of Yoga, I am not the thoughts, I am not the body, but they are instruments with which I develop in this world and need training. 

My grandmother, when she taught me Yoga, said to me: “it is the soul that commands the mind and the mind that commands the body, not the other way around”.


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