I have been practicing Yoga for a few years and the path has been beautiful: with 17 years old, my maternal grandmother initiated me, teaching me pure Hatha, she transmitted it to me with all the love and tenderness that a grandmother can give, at that moment I was very depressed and without realizing it, I left the depression that I was in and I could start planning for the future and enjoying life, until I forgot that I was depressed.

It was at 25 that I left the medical career to study Yoga, I had never taken classes because the taste I had for Yoga was that of my personal practice, but knowing Vinyasa in the certification, my practice changed, it became more fluid and constant, I did not find excuses not to practice, I was madly in love with Yoga.

The two passions in my life have been traveling and practicing Yoga, especially Yoga and meditation have helped me through many stages of life, to deal with my emotions, to learn to observe me, accept me and love me, even if there are things about me or of life that I did not like at the time. On this page you will find more in depth, stories about it, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do when I wrote them and live them and if you have not found that passion for something in your life, that my experiences help you get closer to your unique and perfect path.